Reign of Winter

Emo Jack

An unsent writeup from several months back

Having spent so much time with non-elves, particularly his adopted Gnome family, Jack has become even more emotional than others of his race. This is generally reflected in a positive way, through his love of poetry, song, and dance, his belief in the goodness of others, and a general passion for live. Though there are times, though infrequent, when his emotions are not light and positive, and are instead deep and negative. Most of Jack’s life has been filled with love and happiness, though there was a time when things were filled with sadness and hate. And sometimes, despite his best efforts to be positive, events around him bring forth the darker parts of his memories and personality, revealing loneliness, pain, loss, a desire for revenge, and to make himself feel better by hurting others. Sometimes, when things get dark around him, his light is dimmed, and he embraces the darkness around him instead of fighting against it. Like a star in the night’s sky, that is overwhelmed by the darkness around it.



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