General character guidelines

No evil PCs allowed

Assume that leadership is banned. If the situation comes up later where you would like to reexamine this, I’m open to discussion, but don’t count on it being available.

The core book, the APG and the campaign player guide are all available sources. Ideas or requests based on all other official paizo sources will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
To clarify, I do not mean that you would have to make or argue a case for that character, and every spell choice, feat, etc. If you’ve got a cool idea, there’s a great likelihood I will be okay with it. However, I would need to take a look at it first before I can say yes. This is partly to make sure that you aren’t choosing something that won’t work with the AP (or with the group as a whole), partly to ensure we share an understanding of how certain things will work, and mainly because I am not as familiar with all the other books as I am with the core and APG, so I would need to learn how that character works first.

Campaign limitations: guns, conjuration, crafting
I will be using the Emerging Guns rules, but there will be times in the AP when guns and related supplies will be unavailable for purchase. If you’re interested in a gunslinger class, I am happy to give you more information.
Magic users who want to use conjuration spells should know that there will be times when the PCs are in an environment that prevents the use of many of these spells. So, a summoner is an option, but they would be underpowered in a few crucial battles.
There will be very little time and opportunity to craft in this AP.

If you have not yet done so, please read the players guide (available on paizo’s site As I mentioned before, I will be using the campaign traits.

Bear in mind, we will be starting in Heldren and your characters will need to have a reason for being in this small village in southern Taldor in mid-summer, whether as residents or recent arrivals.

Heldren and Taldor

General character guidelines

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