Party loot (most in the Bag of Holding 25/500lb 70cu.ft.):

- Warhammer (Adamantine) (Samir)


Other wearable items:
- Raven amulet (Aegis of Recovery) (Someone has this)
- Raven amulet (Chime of Opening) (Someone has this)
- Raven amulet (Brooch of Shielding) (Someone has this)

Potion – Remove Blindness
Potion – Protection from Arrows
Universal Solvent
Potion – CLW x 3
Potion – Restoration, Lesser x 3
Potion – Spider Climb
Potion – CMW x 2
Potion – Fly (Feril)
Potion – CSW x 1

Scroll – Comp Language
Scroll – Remove Curse
Scroll – Whispering Wind
Scroll – Dimension Door

Alchemical & Adventuring Equipment:

- Acid x1
- Liquid Ice x3
- Smokestick x3
- Sunrod x1
- Tanglefoot bag x2
- Thunderstones x3
- Cold iron weapon blanch x3

CURSED ITEM (Ring of lifebleed)

Other items:
- Signet ring (Jadwiga Tashana)
- Velvet pouch (Oleg Volgson’s)
- Diamond dust (5,000 GP)
- Spectacles of Understanding (comprehend Languages) (Zuri)
- Book (Hut’s library index and portal) (Gerda)
- Cauldron of Brewing


Reign of Winter Treldar