Zuri Zyn

Male human (Garundi) sorcerer


Sorcerer 17
Zuri XP Tracking
Zuri Spell Rules

Sorcerer (Tattooed Sorcerer)
Arcane (Sage) Bloodline

Nationality – Thuvian (Garundi)
Alignment – CN
Deity –

Str – 10
Dex – 14 (16)
Con – 14 (16)
Int – 22 (30)
Wis – 12
Cha – 8 (10)

Sorcerer – Mage’s Tattoo (Evocation)
Human Bonus – Spell Focus (Evocation)
1 – Spell Specialization (Fire Snake)
3 – Spell Penetration
5 – Craft Wondrous Item
7 – Empower Spell
9 – Intensified Spell
11 – Quicken Spell
13 – Maximize Spell
B13 – Improved Initiative
15 – Spell Perfection (Fire Snake)
17 – Eshew Materials

Magical Heritage (Fireball)
Tireless Logic
Warded Against Witchery


Zuri is a 5’5" dark-skinned Garundi man with brown eyes and short, grey-streaked hair. He tends to wear practical, hot-weather outfits with a bandoleer and belt pouches to store various spell components and items of interest.

The top of a sharp-angled chest tattoo occasionally peaks out from his shirt. A tattoo of a stylized hare is also visible but, to any one who takes the time to think about it, it doesn’t always seem to be in the same place.

Zuri Zyn was born 138th in line to the emirship of the city-state of Pashow. Despite this noble birth, he was not afforded an easy life. His father, Onis Zyn, was a section commander and combat mage for part of Pashow’s southern fortifications. Onis’ two favourite phrases were “the desert treats all men equally”, and “every man should earn his keep”. This led Zuri to an early life of service; bringing the men rations, ammunition, or messages, and then rigorous schooling when these tasks were complete.

Zuri endured the menial tasks, and excelled at his studies. He would often find clever ways to speed up the former so that he could spend more time on the latter. Magic was the logical answer. His father had a decently sized library in his study and a habit of being called out on business. Zuri snuck in several times to borrow the appropriate books, and was able to cast a cantrip in a few short weeks.

About a month after Zuri had started, Onis received an unknown magic item, found in the desert by one of his men. Trying to identify it, he worked long hours with little success, eventually giving up for the day.

Zuri snuck back into the study once Onis had left. While selecting his next magical text, he heard an odd sound from his father’s desk. When he went over to investigate, he found a small, golden scarab sitting, upside down, in a protective field on the desk. The rest of the desk’s surface was covered in research notes, none of which led to any solid conclusions. It was easy to see one common theme to all of them… dark power. He cautiously turned back to the scarab and had just enough time to think that it was on it’s back a minute ago, when it sprang, unimpeded, through the field directly for his chest.

Zuri woke several days later in a makeshift observation room in the local temple of Nethys. His father had found him, unconscious, on the floor of the study a few hours after the scarab had attacked. Apart from the period of unconsciousness, and a strange scar on his chest, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with Zuri.

Zuri’s growing interest in magic lead him to be accepted to the Arcanamirium in Absalom. His father presented him with a rare arctic hare named Arcanotheign on the day that he left for Absalom. He quickly took to using the hare as a silent sounding board, often having half conversations to work through new thought experiments.

He was a natural evocationist, and quickly earned a reputation for being decisive and powerful. His instructors may have used the words compulsive and careless, but what did they know.

As he burned his way through the Arcanamirium’s courses, he noticed a change in the scared area on his chest. It was slowly darkening, eventually resolving into what appeared to be a tattoo drawn in black ink. With little need to study for courses, he spent most of his time researching this phenomenon. It quickly became apparent that this was a previously uninvestigated topic.

Upon graduation, Zuri received a grant from the Arcanamirium of Absalom to research roots of various magics. After learning nothing of interest from the Alchemists in Qadria, he headed north, only to run out of money by the time he reached Heldren.

The people of Heldren were kind enough to give him bits of work, enough to live on but not enough to continue his research. As luck would have it two interesting individuals were had stopped in Heldren as well; an oracle and a relatively young, self-proclaimed, wise-woman… possibly a witch. He is considering monitoring these two over time to track any changes in their power thinking that, perhaps, he could work backwards from there…

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Fire Snake

Zuri Zyn

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