The dancing hut

Ability #1
Melee 2 claws 38 (2d6 +13 plus grab), slam +38 (2d813 plus grab)
Reach 15 ft.
CMB 42 (4 grapple)

Aura frightful presence (60 ft., DC 30 will save or shaken 5d6 rounds)
Free action as part of an attack or charge

Special Attack
constrict (2d6+19) – if grappling foe and make a successful grapple check, can crush foe dealing bludgeoning damage 2d6+19

Special Attack
As a full round action, can attempt to overrun creature size large or smaller. Works like overrun but no CMB needed, just move over opponents in its path.
Target of trample take 2d8+29 damage
Targets can make an AOO at -4 penalty
If target forgo AOO, can mae reflex save to take half damage (DC36)
Can only deal damage to each target once per round

Special Attack
fast swallow + swallow whole
If the Dancing Hut successfully grapples a creature with its slam attack, the victim is scooped up by the hut’s front door and flung inside. A swallowed creature can attempt to escape by breaking open the front door (almost impossible). The hut can expel swallowed creatures as a full-round action, flinging them from its open door. It must make a combat maneuver check against creatures that don’t wish to leave, with failure meaning the target is able to hold on to the pitching and warping interior.

Spell-Like Ability
Irresistable dance (at will)
Standard action
Range touch attack +36 vs one living creature
Durations 1d4 +1 rounds
DC 25 will save – of succeed duration = 1 round
Subject can’t resist urge to dance and can’t do anything else
-4 AC, -4 reflex saves, negates AC bonus from shields, provokes AOO each round on its turn


The dancing hut

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