Character creation guidelines

Start with 500 xp (as a reward for the character connection stories from the character creation session)

Three traits – 1 must be a campaign trait, the other 2 should follow the usual rules (i.e. cannot have multiples from the same trait group)

The party as a whole MUST include healing (either one primary or two secondary healers would work fine) and trapfinding

20 point buy

Max wealth

HP = full at first level, then half plus 1 on all other levels.

1 free skill point at first level for use in a craft or profession skill.

Highly recommended skills for the party as a whole are: survival, diplomacy, use magic device.

The following skills would also come in handy throughout the campaign: linguistics, stealth and knowledge (local).

FYI, the AP is designed to take characters up to 17th level

Character creation guidelines

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