Heldren and Taldor

To clarify as regards the need for your character to have a reason to be in Heldren,Taldor:

I do not expect you to have this answer before we get to character creation. I intend to give you more information at that session about the village, its background, main features and the NPCs you might know. It might seem confusing then, as to why I’ve told you this information beforehand. It’s because starting in Taldor could influence some of the ideas for your character. For example, if you are considering characters with backgrounds from the north, you might need to think about how you got to this much warmer, mediterranean-like country, where snow rarely makes an appearance.

That being said, here is more information about Taldor, and some at least a few basic things about Heldren itself.

Taldor is a once-powerful empire with legends of knights, fair maidens, heroic adventures and righteous quests; now the nobles just have petty squabbles for power. Taldor’s neighbour to the south is Qadira (think Arabia), a country with which they waged war for over 500 years, a war which played a large part in the empire’s decline. Though this was this was a couple of centuries ago, they are still bitter enemies. They are separated by the Jalrune River and the Zimar Scrublands. Zimar is the third-largest city in the country, a bastion for the Taldan army and a defensive stronghold agains future invasion from the south, and Heldren is near the road between Zimar and the nation’s capital, Oppara. Heldren is close to the Border Wood (the largest unprotected forest in the country). Its main source of income is the wood it sells to Zimar, and the sawmill is busy day and night cutting timber harvested by the village’s woodcutters. Several farms lie outside the village itself, providing food for the residents and for trade with nearby villages. It has a population of under 200, including humans, halflings, gnomes, elves and a single half-elf. It’s a generally friendly, rather generic village. The biggest celebration each year is the Harvest festival.

So you might be a resident, or have business in the city, or just be passing through, or you might even be a tourist who thought the big festival was in the summer you’re a few months early…

Heldren and Taldor

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